Craving Indian food, but preferring not to leave the comfort of your home?  Not a problem!  We deliver** free of charge without delivery minimum. 

**It is our great pleasure and endeavor to offer delivery services most days.


We would be honored to supply your next special event with fresh, delicious Indian food.  We serve events of all occasions and sizes.  Contact us today to begin planning your menu for your next gathering! 

Catering Prices:

Chicken Curries...Large $120 Small $60

Chicken Biryani...Large $160 Small $80

Lamb Curries...Large $150 Small $75

Lamb Biryani...Large $180 Small $90

Any Veg...Large $90 Small $45

Naan...$2 each

Rice...Large $40 Small $20

1 Gallon of Tamarind or Mint Chutney...$40

Channa Chaat...Large $60 Small $30

Pakora...Large $60 Small $30

Want to place a catering order, but your dish of choice isn't on our menu?  Not a problem!  We can create custom orders and accommodate almost any special request.  Please leave ample time (1-2 weeks) to discuss the details of your special order.